In addition to being our first product, the Optimizer hardware represents one of three pillars on which all grenEnergi products rest: the other two being embedded software and application software. The strategic, re-usable hardware platform implements the Energy Packetization architecture and provides relevant data for analysis. The cloud based application software organizes and analyses this data and produces actionable intelligence. This intelligence is used by product specific embedded software to programmatically control energy packets flowing through the hardware.

Together, these three pillars support our planned products addressing important pain-points in the emerging opportunity at the intersection of renewables, distributed generation, and legacy systems. Our future product roadmap includes the following products:


igrenEnergi has developed a patented (US Patent No: 8,552,587) exciting new technology for efficient, software defined, energy conversion and control. A device built using our technology, transforms incoming electrical energy at each input source, into a stream of energy packets. Such packets and streams are “operated upon” using application specific embedded software which can combine, transform, route, schedule, merge/split, delay, and store packets and in doing so, can produce customized energy outputs for addressing load-specific needs. This “Energy Packetization” approach/architecture can be thought of as a programmable energy processor that transforms packets of energy much like a CPU transforms bits of information.

Numerous types of energy conversion and control products for use in Solar, Energy Storage, Smart Grid and Electric Vehicles can be built by writing software that runs on such an energy processor.

The First Product: igrenEnergi’s Minimum Viable Product is an 8-panel Solar DC Optimizer built using the Energy Packetization architecture, and whose value proposition is to enhance and optimize the energy output of Solar-PV installations.